Tissot Tissot – Gold And Silver Price

Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China

 Tissot products can be described by ‘gold and silver prices’, that is, the price of silver is used to sell gold. This advantage is recognized by the global watch industry. With this advantage, Tissot has always been the country’s top-selling traditional watch in Switzerland and is respected by the world’s most watch-savvy people.

 Tissot is a leader in Swiss watchmaking, combining more than 150 years of creativity with traditional Swiss watchmaking. Its goal is to provide the public with gold- and silver-priced watches. As the designated timer for the World Championships in Bicycles, Motorcycles, Fencing and Ice Hockey, Tissot emphasizes the sport value of seeking results, precision and challenging self-limits.

 Innovation is another key feature of Tissot. We interviewed Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of China of Tissot. He emphasized that in addition to the absolute advantage of high cost performance, Tissot has also followed the ‘innovation, originating from tradition’ for centuries, and has continuously introduced new designs.

Recommend one of your three favorite collections:
Tengzhi Series

 The Tengzhi series is powerful and designed with the world’s leading touch screen technology for outdoor adventure lovers. The Tengzhi series has reached the perfect unity of functionality and usability. In addition to the timekeeping function of the watch itself, it also provides 11 unique functions. Outdoor adventure lovers can use altimeters (feet / meter), relative height measuring instruments , Chronograph, compass, two sets of alarms, thermometer, weather forecast, date and time display, etc.

Recommend two of your favorite series:
Kutu series

 Tissot designers have combined sophisticated timekeeping technology with classic, minimalist style to create this sports mechanical watch. The 21 new models of the Kutu collection are sporty and classic, suitable for many occasions. Its three-point calendar window also uses a circular design, echoing the timing dial. The classic calendar window at 4 o’clock makes the watch more stable.

Recommend three of your favorite series:
Leloc series

 The design of the Leroc Energy Display Collection was inspired by Leroc, the birthplace of the Tissot brand in 1853. The carved area, scales and hands in the center of the dial are modeled after the large wall clock face around the top of the Lerok clock tower. It uses a sapphire crystal glass transparent case back, which is engraved with elegant vintage text. It uses a high-performance mechanical self-winding movement and relies on special mechanical devices to display the remaining energy of the watch through a half-moon-shaped energy display panel at six to eight o’clock.

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