Earl Counts As The Official Timer Of The 5th Beijing International Polo Open

The highly anticipated 5th Beijing International Polo Open finals began passionately at the foot of the majestic Badaling Great Wall, and accompanied the towering top to enjoy the feeling of horse control. After three consecutive years of successful cooperation in 2010, 2011 and 2012, Piaget, the world’s top jewellery and watch brand, continued to help China’s polo sports and won the official timer of the Fifth Beijing International Polo Open.

 The Beijing International Polo Open is the only top-level polo tournament in China that has scored international points. In the autumn of October, Piaget continued to head together with the Chinese Polo Team to start a fierce competition with outstanding polo players from all over the world, showing the king’s style.

 Piaget fourth generation heir Yves Piaget loves polo

 Ellerstina Equestrian polo team heads out

Beautiful fate, showing the relationship between Piaget and Polo

 The history of polo in China can be traced back to the Han Dynasty court. By the 1850s, the British brought polo from India to Europe and soon spread from the European court to the world, becoming the most popular sport in high society. project.

 In the 1980s, Eves Piaget’s fourth-generation descendant, YvesPiaget, adhering to his love and obsession with polo, actively led the brand to conclude cooperation with polo events, and worked together to promote this noble and elegant sport. Since then, Piaget has established a close relationship with polo and has sponsored the World Cup Polo Tournament, which has led Piaget to become famous in the field of polo and formally become inseparable from polo.

 Ellerstina Equestrian Polo Team (from left to right): Nicolás Pieres, Level: 9; Gonzalo Pieres, Level: 10; Mariano Aguerre, Level: 10; Facondo Pieres, Level: 10

 Fantastic Love opens a whole new chapter. The seamless combination of Ellerstina and Piaget is derived from the former’s invincibility on the polo field, and the latter’s strong and deep foundation in the Palermo Open and the entire polo world. The newly-launched Earlstina Earl Polo team has a total player level of 39-the world’s top polo player Mariano Aguerre and the golden foursome consisting of Facndo, Gonzalo and Nicolas Pieres from the famous polo family will go to Dortuga (Tortugas), Hurlingham and Palermo Opens for the 2013 Triple Crown Tournament. Every Ellerstina polo team member will put the Piaget brand logo on the back in a proud manner, perfectly combining the impressive record of Ellerstina and Piaget, demonstrating their leading position on the court, showing the most outstanding performance and the most magnificent The stunts made great strides during the running of Tengyue, displaying the essence of polo and winning the final victory. There is no doubt that this new team will definitely be the focus of this ‘big polo’ season which was unveiled on September 24 and ended on December 7.

 (Left to right) Mr. Murong Tao, Earl of Piaget China Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Angela Baby, a well-known artist, Mr. Hu Bing, a well-known artist, Mr. Xia Yang, the director of the Beijing International Polo Open and the chairman of the Beijing Sunshine Times Polo Club, congratulated the 5th Beijing International Horse The ball open ended successfully.

 In addition to the exciting polo events, friends of Piaget, well-known artists Hu Bing and Angelababy were also invited to the scene to cheer on the Chinese team. Hu Bing has strong feelings for polo and also has superb horsemanship skills. Ms. Angelababy said that what she admires most is the polo player’s spirit of advancing on the arena, and will set an example for us, and courageously pursue the broad dreams she carries.

 Hu Bing and Angelababy are very excited about the gentleman and aristocratic movement that can watch polo up close. Hu Bing is dressed in handsome riding attire, accompanied by the noble and atmospheric Piaget PoloFortyFive watch, to cheer polo players from time to time; while Angelababy is dressed in elegant costumes, accompanied by Piaget’s latest Limelight Gala series watch, which combines the elegance of women with horses. The dynamic beauty of the ball blends perfectly, bringing a sense of graceful charm.

 In the finals, the Earl of China and New Zealand fought fiercely, and both players played well. In the end, Piaget’s Chinese team lived up to expectations and won the 5th Beijing International Polo Open with extraordinary courage and extraordinary skills.

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