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Rolex previously held the ‘The Rolex Awards for Enterprise’ press conference in ‘Rolex World.’ On the Bund in Shanghai. The two young talents who won the ‘Rolex Award for Talents’ this year were Francesca from Italy. Sauro (Francesco Sauro) and Olivier from Rwanda. Olivier Nsengimana, together with Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist and giant panda expert who is one of the judges of this jury, shared their creation project and participated in the ‘Rolex Award for Talent’ Experience. Rolex hopes that through this media meeting, more people with lofty ideals will be able to attract the attention and dedication to participate in the 2016 Rolex Talent Award, benefiting the society with its personal founding spirit and innovation plan, and benefiting the world.

In 2014, the Rolex Talent Award was slightly awarded. The young talents visited Rolex on the Bund. boundary

The ‘Rolex Award for Talent’ began in 1976 and aims to encourage those who have the courage and determination to meet the challenge of improving human life and protecting the world’s natural and cultural heritage. In 2009, Rolex decided to cultivate the next generation of leaders, adding awards to young talents and awarding them to young people who showed their talents in innovation projects. Candidates can apply for awards in five major areas: science and medicine, applied technology, discovery, environmental protection and cultural heritage. Since the establishment of the ‘Rolex Award for Talent’, 30,500 applicants from 190 countries have submitted their creation projects, of which 130 outstanding persons and young talents have been recognized. Prior to 2014, 122 experts were judges of this award.
On the day of the media meeting, two young talents from Rwanda and Italy introduced and shared their respective creation plans. Olivier, 30. In order to save the gray-crowned crane that is endangered, Sinki Vana started a series of conservation work in Rwanda. First, he established a national database of grey crowned cranes to properly record all captured grey crowned cranes. He lobbied within the country to convince the elite to release the cranes and birds they raised. Hinchina launched a national media campaign to teach people how to make a living without threatening endangered species. In the end, he hopes to train the younger generation to become conservationists, thereby preserving Rwanda’s biodiversity. 29-year-old Francesco. Choro plans to explore ancient quartzite caves in the flat-topped mountains of South America. From 2014 to 2017, Sauro plans to conduct four expeditions in Pingdingshan, the most eastern part of the Amazon region. This reconnaissance mission will help them find cave entrances, evaluate the possibility of caves and scientific research, and study logistics difficulties. In addition, his team will be responsible for surveying caves, collecting geological and geobiological data, analyzing cave types, hydrochemistry, and rock weathering, and finding new or rare minerals and organisms.
Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist from China, joined together to hold this media meeting. Professor Lu, who is one of the judges of the current Rolex Awards, said: ‘The Rolex Awards is designed to support outstanding individuals who are innovative and unconvinced, and can use their creation plans to expand Human knowledge promotes common well-being. I encourage more people of insight from different fields in the country to register for this award, which will then drive the common development and progress of their research fields and the entire human race. ‘
Earlier, Rolex’s premier scientific research organization in the Royal Society, the Royal Society, announced the winners of the 2014 Rolex Awards. Winners of the Youth Talent Program under 30 this year are from Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East. They all have outstanding leadership qualities, and rely on ingenious and innovative solutions to promote the well-being of the community with technology, improve the environment, and at the same time promote scientific knowledge. These five young talents were selected by a Rolex jury of eight distinguished experts from 1,800 applicants around the world, and each young talent will receive a prize of 50,000 Swiss francs to achieve their ambitions.

Young talents from Rwanda and Italy introduced and shared their founding plans, and participated in the event with Professor Lu Zhi, a Chinese conservation biologist from China

The five winners are:
Nitty. Neeti Kailas, 29, India-Aiming to promote screening of hearing impairments in newborns with affordable and easy-to-use devices, and to establish a network of health care professionals in India to diagnose or treat deafness.
Olivier. Olivier Nsengimana, 30, Rwanda-Promotes conservation of endangered grey crowned cranes and encourages release of hunted grey crowned cranes. The grey-crowned crane is a symbol of wealth and longevity in Rwanda. It is often captured as a pet because of its beautiful appearance.
Fransco. Francesco Sauro, 29, Italy—Explore the quartzite cave formations in the legendary Pingdingshan region of South America at the border between Venezuela and Brazil, and discover this unique world that has been formed by the world for thousands of years.
Arthur. Arthur Zang, 26, Cameroon-Invented Africa’s first medical tablet, allowing medical staff in rural areas to access the results of heart disease tests via a mobile phone and send them to a cardiologist for diagnosis.
Hesen. Hosam Zowawi, 29, Saudi Arabia — A fast test method is being developed to detect whether bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is currently posing a serious threat to human health worldwide. He also plans a public awareness campaign across the region to warn against misuse and abuse of antibiotics.
Rolex Charity Director Rebecca. Rebecca Irvin said: ‘This year has a record number of young applicants. We are proud to announce the list of winners and strongly support these young talents to promote inspiring work. The five young talents and their The proposed plans clearly show a strong spirit of creation and leadership. What impressed the jury this year is the pragmatic style of these plans, each of which is solving real-life problems. They are undoubtedly role models for the world , Rolex is also happy to announce their deeds to the world. ‘

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