Bao Lai Launches 5347 Rotation Tourbillon Double Rotary Tourbillon Watch

In 1795, Master Breguet invented the tourbillon device to resist gravity, perfecting the accuracy of clocks. In 2006, Breguet inherited the mastery of Breguet’s watchmaking and superb craftsmanship, and launched a unique rotation in the world. The revolutionary double-rotary tourbillon watch, Classique Grande Complication 5347, symbolizes the history of the Breguet tourbillon and marks a new milestone, once again writing a brilliant page. The double-rotor tourbillon watch with an annual output of no more than 10 shows its rareness and uniqueness, which is even more precious, and also highlights Breguet’s extraordinary achievements in pushing the tourbillon rotation aesthetics to the peak.
    The unparalleled Breguet Classique Grande Complication 5347 dual-rotary tourbillon watch. Its two independently-operating tourbillon devices each have a dedicated transmission system. They are located on a rotating center panel and look at each other. The unique structure separates the two tourbillons. The average speed is linked to the central rotating dial and the time display mechanism, so the speed of the watch is the average speed of the two tourbillons, making its movement twice as accurate as the average movement. The crossbar connecting the two tourbillons indicates the hour, and the dial rotates once every 12 hours. The tourbillon and the tourbillon both rotate to dance to the universe’s subtle melody, showing the astronomical system perfectly, which is amazing.
Classique Grande Complication 5347 Double Tourbillon Ref. 5347PT / 11 / 9ZU
Case: Platinum case with fine coin-shaped pattern on the bezel
Table diameter: 44 mm
Movement: 588 movement with manual winding mechanical movement.
Kinetic energy: 50-hour power reserve.
Caseback: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters deep
Dial: Silver-plated 18K gold dial
Hands: Blue-steel Breguet-style hands
Strap: Crocodile leather strap
Style: 18K rose gold style and platinum diamond style are also available
    Classique Grande Complication 5347 dual-rotary tourbillon watch with craftsmanship, the back of the case is intricately carved with three-dimensional relief, showing the inscription design of the movement of the nine planets, showing a trajectory like the movement of a celestial body, and a double-rotary tourbillon with a revolution Echoing each other, showing off the concept of solar system operation, fully conveying the spirit of Breguet’s watchmaking, it is definitely a masterpiece of aesthetics and craftsmanship.
    Exquisite hand-engraved faceplate, Roman numeral scale ring, blue-steel Breguet-style hands, perfectly show the consistent Breguet classic style; the elaborately carved plywood design of the movement, and many other polished screws and other parts are impeccable. The exquisite craftsmanship shows the persistence of Breguet for every detail; the ultimate tourbillon craftsmanship is complemented by the delicate design, making the reading time as profound as the appreciation of artworks. The Classique Grandes Complications 5347 double-rotating tourbillon watch, with its top-level and sophisticated craftsmanship unique to Breguet’s ingenuity, displays the magnificence of Yu Xuanang, which can be called the unique dream product in the world.

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