The Carl Brashear Bronze Dive Watch Was Not Available. Oris Oris Now Has A Semi-copper Sixty-five To Chase

In 2015, Oris launched the Divers Sixty-five, which is a replica of the brand’s diving watch from the 1960s. With the extremely well-reproduced elements, it has received a lot of response. At that time, we I believe that this will open a new product trend for ORIS. As a result, they have developed a number of derivative models based on Sixty-five the following year. So far, the Sixty-five diving watch has developed into a large-scale diving watch family. In recent years, ORIS has continued to make material and face color matching contexts, and the details of the face plate have changed slightly from what it was when it was released in early 2015.

The detailed style of the watch has been slightly modified compared to the Sixty-Five series at the beginning. For example, the 12 o’clock time scale has been changed from the home plate shape to a triangular shape, and the 6 o’clock bar shape has also been modified to rounded corners.

Feature 1: Popularization of semi-copper case
In 2019, ORIS still released several Divers Sixty-five watches. In addition to stainless steel, it is the main force. The more obvious change is that the brand continues to make a big deal on the topic of ‘semi-copper’, and there is something like this entire watch. The rings are all made of bronze, and there are also aluminum-plated styles on the copper bezel. Divers Sixty-five is originally the source of the brand’s development of bronze watches. In addition to pushing bronze timepieces in recent years, ORIS has a large number of The implementation of the semi-copper design is also considered to be a minority in the watch industry. At present, some people may still have doubts about the entire case being made of bronze. At this time, only the design of the bezel is bronze provides a compromise solution. Don’t worry about allergies or scratches, but you can also experience the characteristics of bronze material changing with time, especially this bezel is bronze, which is easier to express when changing colors.

In addition to the anti-slip serrations in the middle, the crown has spherical protrusions on the top and bottom. Functionally, it can be easily operated by users with gloves. On the other hand, this is also an element of the retro style, but it is accidentally used. Not many brands

Feature two: Conservative time scale design
Divers Sixty-five started out with a distinctive pop style Arabic digital time scale as an attractive selling point, but since the brand extended the more common combination of dots and stick-shaped time scales for general diving watches in 2016, this basic style is now Divers Sixty-five instead became the main force of the series. This blue dial with geometric shape indexes is actually full of the taste of the first-generation Carl Brashear bronze limited edition watch (however, this 40mm diameter is slightly smaller than the 42mm limited edition of the year). If not grabbed in the war, this half-copper model in 2019 may be an alternative.

ORIS rarely does not make a transparent bottom cover, and this 100-meter waterproof depth is not a reason to make it a solid bottom cover. The reason for this is mainly to faithfully reproduce. The watch is equipped with Sellita’s SW 200-1 movement, which is equivalent to ETA 2824.

Feature 3: Box mirror reveals retro soul
Seen from the side, its flat middle case, bulging table glass and bottom cover are all important features of the watch’s contours in the 1950s. The part of the table mirror here uses sapphire crystal. Here we have to thank the advancement of watchmaking technology. Like this curved watch, a few years ago, only some brands above the middle price will use sapphire crystal. In addition, most of them still use synthetic resin or reinforced glass, let alone models at this price. However, in the past few years, the industry’s watch processing technology has greatly improved. Several important brands of Swiss brands The factories have introduced multi-axis CNC machines to reduce the cost of this large curved Dome and Box mirrors. As a result, the products at the general entry price can also be afforded, and the overall quality of the replica watch is therefore improved. Great progress.

Divers Sixty-five

Stainless steel, bronze material / 733 automatic movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 40mm

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Introduction To The ‘five Blessings’ Limited Edition Watch

The junior needle is a timeless design classic in the watch industry, and it is also Black Tie’s strictest match. The design of the IWC Portofino watch is very simple, and it can be regarded as a classic in the junior watch. With the approaching of the Chinese New Year in 2011, IWC launched the Portofino Automatic Watch “Five Lucky Doors” special limited edition for the Chinese market. Only 500 pieces were sold and they were only sold in mainland China. The watch is powered by the 35110 automatic mechanical movement. The bottom of the watch is engraved with the totems of five bats. The five bats take their homonyms, which symbolizes the good color of the five ‘Fu’ rimmen. At the same time, the words ‘China’ and ‘Limited 500’ were engraved. The limited edition is available in rock grey dial and rose gold case (18K rose gold case with black alligator strap, priced at 68,000 yuan, very fair).

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Silver-packed, Emotional Christmas

With the wish of time to stop, people look forward to turning this beauty into a long stream of happiness and blooming a unique and magnificent color. In this Christmas season that conveys passion and wishes, Bucherer selects the gift of time-the limited edition jewellery watch by Bettich Diva Joaillerie, to illuminate the cold winter with the most brilliant light, recording every precious golden time.

Bright and moving

   Bucherer injects top-notch watchmaking art into the limited-edition Betis Diva Joaillerie jewellery watch, showing a pure and elegant style; exquisite details and gorgeous dials perfectly make women exude noble temperament during the Christmas season.

   Bettich Diva Joaillerie Limited Jewellery Watch is a collection of passionate creativity and noble style. It is stunning: the platinum case and bracelet are exquisitely crafted, and the individuality is known at a glance. The sparkling round diamonds embody their outstanding value; the round diamonds are extended to the platinum chain. The strap and the case, which are interlaced and hollow like a halo, sublimate the unique design features and elegant style of the Beatrice series; the dazzling diamonds make the hollowed-out gold ring even more luxurious. Beauty looks like a fine art.

Zhuang Yaoguanghua

   Diva Joaillerie’s limited-edition jewellery watch is designed to be beautiful, with precious materials and ingenious shapes that naturally make the beauty dazzle. In this holy day, the best token to perfectly carry and express love is the precious timepiece worn on the wrist, and Bucherer is willing to make every watch extremely caring on Christmas Eve and regain its luster It’s getting better over time. Full of romance and warmth.

Betty’s Diva Joaillerie Limited Jewellery Watch

Technical specifications

Model: 00.10590.02.99.31
Movement: CFB 1851 quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 18K white gold, set with 370 FC TW vvs diamonds (4.15 carats), double-sided anti-refractive curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 34 mm, thickness 9.45 mm
Dial: 18K white gold with mother-of-pearl, set with 96 FC TW vvs diamonds (0.5 carat) and two 18K white gold Roman numerals
Bracelet: 18K white gold with 404 FC TW vvs diamonds (7.85 carats), 18K white gold folding clasp
Limited edition: 88 pieces

Bucherer Background

   Carl F. Bucherer has been operating with a philosophy of quality, innovation and enthusiasm since 1888. Bucherer, based in Lucerne, Switzerland, has grown from a small family-owned company into an internationally renowned high-end watch brand, and has a comprehensive global specialty store and distribution network. To this day, the Bulgari Group still maintains a family-owned business strategy, headed by Jörg G Bucherer, the third-generation heir to the founder’s family, and chairing the board. In 2001, the Group restructured its brand positioning and paid tribute to the group’s founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer under the brand name. The Bucherer watch and movement are developed by the brand’s own watch factory. The first self-made CFB A1000 outer edge self-winding oscillating weight movement breaks through the brand tradition and moves to a higher level. The distinctive style and precision of the movement are the hallmarks of the Bucherer watch.

   Adhering to tradition, pioneering and innovative

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