2012 Sihh Vacheron Constantin Pigeon Theme Watch Introduction

At the 2012 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, Swiss Vacheron Constantin launched three new models of M & eacute; tiers d’Art-academic hand-painted paintings, fully reflecting Vacheron Constantin’s role in the watch industry. Art and watchmaking skills.

 The Master of Art series is a classic combination of harmonious pattern design art and handmade decorative art. The dial dial uses 4 processing methods-enamel, engraving, carving and inlay.
 Every new masterpiece watch is full of the original perspective of the concept of time.
 The Vacheron Constantin Peace Dove-themed watch was exhibited at the exhibition. The simple aesthetics are reflected. The creation of this work by Vacheron Constantin watchmakers was inspired by Dutch printmaking artist Maurits Cornelis Escher, who designed the mosaic pattern with the feel of a game. The watch dial uses regular mosaic technology (regular polygonal tiled surface), using exaggerated performance techniques and dynamic geometry to achieve the perfect combination.
 The master of art series and peace dove-themed watches need to explore a new color mix, because the dial pattern needs to use different shades of color and full of tones to reflect extraordinary visual design inspiration. It incorporates hand-painted and mosaic paintings in the traditional watchmaking technology Technology creates stunning and fascinating visual enjoyment.
 As mentioned before, the creation of this watch is inspired by Dutch engraving prints. The dial is engraved with flying pigeons. To create such an unusual artistic dial, it needs to be melted into traditional craftsmanship such as enamel, engraving, carving and inlay. Before making this dial, a lot of design and preparation work needs to be done from multiple levels, multiple angles and various visual expressions. Start the sculpting work, make the outline of the peace pigeon on the bottom plate of the golden yellow dial, and then carefully polish the pattern. The difficulty lies in maintaining the accuracy of the engraving to ensure the symmetry of the prototype, and no defects can appear. Next is the technique of filigree enamel painting. Filigree enamel can reflect rich colors and tones. Through traditional manufacturing methods and clever combinations, it displays excellent visual effects after kiln firing. The white pigeon is combined with a transparent shaft. Light technology to achieve, so that we appreciate the exquisite carvings and rich visual enjoyment. The enamel step is followed by inlaying work, and the pigeons decorated with diamonds reflect the flying and free mood in the lights. The final stage is trimming the pattern to reflect the rich layers of pattern on the dial.


Purple dove of peace

The enamel color guarantees that the color will not change for a long time


Sculpting–producing deep visual effects

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