A Brilliant Ensemble Of Caruso, Three Questions And Flyback Timing: Blancpain Limited Edition Watch

Since its establishment in 1735, BLANCAPIN has been focusing on the development of complex performance timepieces, and has presented countless number one in the world for the watch industry. More than a century after Caruso was forgotten, Blancpain reborn this complex performance and completed a world first. The Carrousel device has the same performance as the tourbillon, which can offset and neutralize the deceleration and acceleration of the balance wheel caused by the gravity. The balance wheel and escapement belong to the speed-adjusting structure of the watch, and when they are in the vertical position, they will be affected by gravity. However, when they are constantly rotated by the tourbillon or Caruso, they will continuously pass through all vertical positions, thereby offsetting the travel time error.
   There are only a few watchmaking brands capable of making a one-minute flying Carussell movement. Blancpain has developed a minute repeater watch for the church bell and combined it with a one-minute flying Carrousel. Blancpain uses a number of superior innovative technologies in the construction of the Carrousel Minute Repeater, such as the system of fixing the church bell sound spring in the case, which achieves unparalleled sound quality. In addition, there is a movement protection device, even if the timepiece is activated when the crown is activated, it will not cause damage to the movement.

Blancpain Masterpiece Limited Edition Carrousel Minutes Carrousel Repetition Minutes 18K red gold case, set with a total weight of 6.875 carats of diamonds, watch 俓 45.7 mm, one minute flying Carrousel, minute repeater performance, church bell, 233 manual Winding movement, power reserve 65 hours, power reserve displayed on the bridge surface, movement protection device, sapphire crystal case back, waterproof 30 meters, with alligator strap.
   The carrousel minute repeater has a face plate size of 45.7 mm, a rose gold case set with a total weight of 6.875 carats of diamonds, a brushed white gold dial, and rose gold digital hour markers. The semi-hollow design face plate and sapphire crystal case back can clearly appreciate the unique and sophisticated art of the three-question device. Through the surface, you can feel the rhythm of mechanical life. You can see the carrousel device. With Roman scales and slender hands, the dial presents a deep three-dimensional impression, adding a retro and elegant charm.

Blancpain limited edition Carrousel minute repeater with 233 manual winding movement
   In addition to the magnificent birth of the Carrousel Minute Repeater, Blancpain climbed to the top of the art of watchmaking, and for the first time perfectly integrated two complex watchmaking technologies with flyback timing performance, and launched an automatic winding model. So far, few watch brands are able to present such highly complex models, and even the brands that have developed such movements by themselves are rare. And Blancpain’s one-minute Carloso Minute Repeater Chronograph’s remarkable “trio” combination, which has won the crown of sophisticated watchmaking performance with cutting-edge technology, stands out from Blancpain’s classic series.

Blancpain Masterpiece Limited Edition One Minute Carrousel Minute Repeat Chronograph Carrousel Repetition Minutes Chronographe Flyback 18K Red Gold Case, 45mm 俓, White Great Fire Enamel Dial, One Minute Flying Carrousel, Minute Repeater , Flyback timing performance, central 30-minute dial, church bell, 2358 automatic winding movement, power reserve 65 hours, movement protection device, sapphire crystal case back, waterproof 30 meters, with alligator leather watch band.
   The first complex feature of the gorgeous trio was Caruso. This is an extraordinary mechanical mechanism that the brand strives to rejuvenate and elaborately improve, making its debut at the famous one-minute flying Caroline. The second complication is the minute repeater. BLANCPAIN has invested a lot of energy in the development of the timekeeping mechanism to make the timepiece clear and pleasant. Different from ordinary ordinary reeds, the church reed used by BLANCPAIN surrounds the movement one and a half times, making the sound more full. The gong, which is bent into a steel ring shape, is welded to the block base without any flaws, and is perfectly combined with the movement to maintain an absolute level position, thereby presenting a clear, pleasing, perfect sound of the time signal. In order to ensure the clarity of the time signal, BLANCPAIN has also made a technical innovation in the watch model, that is, adding a suspension regulator to reduce the background noise caused by the movement of the movement. In addition, the system will automatically disconnect from the crown adjustment system to prevent the risk of damage once the slider is activated.

One-minute Blancpain limited edition Carrousel minute repeater chronograph with 2358 automatic movement
   The third technology, which also originated from the classic legend, is the chronological performance. This performance has won the crown of short-term time measurement. It is equipped with flyback performance (which has been used in pilots’ navigation missions) to perfection. With a simple push of the button at 4 o’clock, the wearer can restart the timing performance synchronously during the timing. And the components that give the lap characteristics of the timer-the column wheel and the vertical disc clutch, ensure this performance with unparalleled accuracy. This pioneering design is unique and extraordinary, and a 30-minute timer is equipped in the center of the movement, where the Blancpain movement design engineers show their superb watchmaking skills. This timepiece’s unparalleled performance is matched only by sophisticated mechanisms equipped internally.

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Superfast Stainless Steel Watch Series

For 25 years, Chopard has been a loyal partner of the Mille Miglia antique car competition. This lasting relationship bears witness to the close connection between this Geneva-based brand and the world of car racing. The 2013 GMT chronograph was completely redesigned to celebrate ‘the most beautiful race in the world’ (la corsa più bella del mondo). This year’s theme is antique racing car design. Ergonomic, functional and elegant, the Mille Miglia 2013 watch is a limited edition, with gears running in sync with the car.
   For Chopard, the Mille Miglia antique car race is a family journey. Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, who loves the antique car collection and is also a traditional car rally driver, participates in this magical event every year, by his wife or friend Jack Jacky Ickx served as the co-pilot. His father, Karl Scheufele III, Chopard’s honorary president, also regularly competes. The relationship between Chopard and this most famous antique car race dates back to 1988, and Chopard has been the main sponsor and official timer of the race ever since. From May 16th to 19th, 2013, Chopard will closely participate in ‘the most beautiful race in the world’ for 25 consecutive times.

A chronograph tailored for racing
   From 1927 to 1961, the main format of the Mille Miglia competition was speed racing on the road, which has been transformed into a rally today. Riders no longer need to cross north and south Italy in less than 20 hours. Today’s schedule is three days. However, this does not mean participating purely for entertainment. The race is real and the track is rugged, these old cars are both powerful and willful. Because only cars that participated in the race from 1927 to 1957 are allowed to participate in the race
Chopard’s classic racing series draws inspiration from the racing world, and each watch has a timeless value like a classic sports car. Chopard strives for excellence by launching three superb watches, namely the Superfast Automatic, the Superfast Power Control and the Superfast Chronograph. The birth of these three watches symbolizes the arrival of a brand new generation, because this is the first time that the classic racing series is equipped with a movement independently designed, developed and assembled by Chopard. Outstanding watchmaking.
   Chopard has brought its long history to a new milestone with excellence. The brand has created a classic racing series to pay tribute to the racing world, and has recently launched a new collection to launch three distinctive Superfast watches. These three works are Superfast Automatic, Power Control and Chronograph. Their shapes are full of sports style, embodying noble style, interpreting surging power, and showing excellent style. In addition, all three new works are equipped with a movement independently developed by Chopard. This is the first time that the classic racing series is equipped with a movement produced by the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. Its outstanding performance demonstrates the brand’s determination and ability to become independent. Create a new chapter.
  Since many years ago, the Chopard brand has been a loyal partner of classic legendary racing competitions. The events that Chopard has participated in include the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and the Mille Miglia Thousand Miles Endurance Race. The latter’s 1,000-mile (1600-kilometer) race track departs from Brescia, Italy, arrives at the stopover capital Rome, and then returns to the starting point along another route. If the former cars are mainly contemporary cars such as Draghi, Bugatti, Aston Martin and Ferrari, then the latter attracts Formula 1 antique cars manufactured before 1979, including Brabham, Lotus and Williams led the race. These cars are so powerful that they can be discerned from many sports cars at a glance. And the drivers in charge of the steering wheel are all enthusiastic, willing to accept challenges, and have extraordinary strength.

Noble style and excellence style
   The Superfast models show a remarkable style, with clean lines and a masculine design. Superfast models not only possess the above characteristics, they are also equipped with a carefully crafted Chopard movement, created for watch lovers who love fine watchmaking. Because only true watch fans can drive the watch’s irresistible sense of power.
   The design of these three new Superfast watches includes a variety of iconic symbols from motorsport. Let’s start with the dial: each watch is equipped with a black dial with dark gray vertical stripes, reminiscent of the famous ‘racing stripes’. Racing stripes are usually located on the roof and hood of a racing car to separate the car from the general vehicle. On the dial of the new Superfast model, the minute numerals are designed with decorative sports car tachometer and speed indicators. In addition, the hour, minute and second timers are reminiscent of the dashboard on an antique sports car.
   The natural rubber strap draws inspiration from Formula One racing, and is styled with highly recognizable smooth slick tires. The strap is matched with 18K rose gold folding clasp, which is even more magnificent. In addition, many details on the watch are closely related to motorsport: the gold crown is decorated with a rubber mold steering wheel logo; the grooves engraved on the sides of the lugs and buttons are reminiscent of the sports car’s heat sink; The screw design is inspired by the rims. Put on your watch as if you are in a racing world.

Carved skeleton bridge with surface finishing like never before
   The watch not only has an ingenious exterior design, but also has a finely crafted watchmaking movement. All the bridges are carved and carved with parallel pinstripes, reminiscent of the radiator grille blades of an antique sports car. Through the open case back, the beauty of the movement is clear at a glance, and you can enjoy this unprecedented surface processing.
   The new Superfast Automatic is equipped with the Chopard 01.01-M self-winding movement. This movement has been designed, developed and produced by the Fleurier Ebauches workshop from beginning to end. The movement is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and has a power reserve of up to 60 hours. The 18K rose gold case has a diameter of 41 mm and is water-resistant to 100 meters. The watch is equipped with hours, minutes and seconds, and the date is displayed in a window at 6 o’clock.
   The Superfast Power Control power reserve watch is also equipped with another model of this outstanding movement-Chopard 01.02-M. Chopard 01.02-M movement with hour and minute display function, small seconds at 6 o’clock position, date window at 3 o’clock position, power reserve is in the display area at 9 o’clock position. The 18K rose gold case of this watch is even more magnificent, with a diameter of 45 mm.
  The Superfast Chronograph is also 45 mm in diameter, showing the same grandeur. This watch is equipped with a Chopard 03.05-M self-winding mechanical movement with hour and minute display. The small second hand is at 6 o’clock, the date window is at 4:30, the bezel is engraved with a speedometer scale, and the chronograph is equipped with a center. Small seconds, the minute timer is at 3 o’clock, and the hour timer is at 9 o’clock.

Towards independence
   For the first time, the classic racing series is equipped with Chopard’s own movements, all from the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. The Fleurier Ebauches workshop is a property owned by Chopard and was established in July 2008. It is located in the city of Fleurier in the Val-de-Travers region of the state of Neuchâteau, Switzerland. A few months ago, in December 2007, Chopard purchased an area of ​​6,000 square meters, which already has an industrial plant with a production area of ​​5,100 square meters. Chopard renovated the plant and set up new machine land. The building was put into use in February 2009.
   In 2012, the annual production of the Fleurier Ebauches workshop was 5,000 movements (expected to reach 15,000 / year in 2015). The establishment of this workshop embodies the expectations of Mr. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, one of Chopard’s co-presidents. Mr. Schöfer wants to consolidate the vertical integration of the group, taking Chopard’s independent production as Long-term goals and hope to increase the production of the brand. In view of this, Chopard established the Chopard Watch Factory in 1996. The Chopard Watch Factory is located near the Fleurier Ebauches workshop. It is an excellent development company for fine watchmaking, specializing in the development, manufacture and assembly of L.U.C. movements. Today, Chopard employs about 160 employees in Fleurier, responsible for about 15 different professional fields.
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